Realityworks infant simulators offer real-life experiences that address substance abuse education, prenatal education, child care skills, infant safety and CPR, and Shaken Baby Syndrome. Each simulator has everything you need – powerful, hands-on activities, complete curriculum, and supplies – to cover crucial aspects of infant care.

  1. RealCare™ Drug-Affected Baby RealCare Drug-Affected Baby
  2. RealCare™ Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby RealCare Fetal Alcohol Syndrome Baby
  3. RealCare® Baby RealCare® Baby
  4. RealCare™ Shaken Baby RealCare Shaken Baby
  5. Choking Baby Choking Baby
  6. Resusci® CPR Baby Resusci® CPR Baby
  7. RealCare™ Fetal Development Kit RealCare Fetal Development Kit
  8. RealCare™ Pregnancy Torso RealCare Pregnancy Torso
  9. RealCare Storage Solutions RealCare Storage Solutions

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