Injection Pads

Help your students learn how to administer injections safely and conveniently with our Small and Large Injection Pads. These realistic injection teaching tools come in two sizes, and include curriculum. The Small Injection Pad features a pliable, skin-like surface and a plastic protective back. An adjustable Velcro strap makes it wearable. The Large Injection Pad features a realistic shape that divides into three layers: skin, subcutaneous tissue and muscle. It allows students to see a “bleb” or “wheal.” Use these injection training models to help your students develop key nursing skills.

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  1. Large Injection Pad:

    Intradermal Injections Curriculum Overview

    Subcutaneous Injections Curriculum Overview

    Small Injection Pad:

    Intramuscular Injections Curriculum Overview

  2. The Small Injection Pad includes:

    • Injection pad with adjustable velcro strap and plastic protective back
    • Curriculum
    • 90-day limited warranty

    The Large Injection Pad includes:

    • Injection pad on fluid collection tray
    • Curriculum
    • 90-day limited warranty

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