RealCare® Baby

RealCare Baby makes it possible for people to practice caring for an infant 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

  • Baby cries for care at all hours, day and night
  • Caregiver determines what Baby needs: feeding, burping, rocking, diapering
  • Unique wireless ID to ensure accountability
  • Baby's computer tracks its care and safe handling
  • Detailed assessment data is downloaded post-simulation

New with RealCare Baby 3:

  • Data is recorded when clothing is changed and which clothing articles Baby is wearing
  • Baby records surrounding temperature and reports when temperature varies from safe zone
  • Baby now detects how long it has been sitting unattended in a car seat (sold separately)


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  1. ImageRealCare curriculum

    Our RealCare curriculum includes three sections: Basic Infant Care; Healthy Choices: Relationships, Sexuality and Family Planning ; and Parenting: A Guide to Parenting Skills for Life. To view a sample lesson and review the curriculum structure and content, click of the following link.

    RealCare curriculum

    Healthy Choices Sex Education curriculum

    Our Healthy Choices Sex Education curriculum includes two sections: Life Skills and Healthy Choices for Middle School Students and Healthy Choices: Relationships, Sexuality and Family Planning (for high school students).

    Healthy Choices Sex Education curriculum

    Alignment and Crosswalk Documents

  2. *Each Baby includes:

    • Two-piece outfit
    • Sleeper
    • Infant bodysuit
    • Set of color-coded diapers
    • Bottle
    • 1 ID with 5 wristbands
    • 5-year limited warranty

    *See the RealCare Total Parenting Experience Catalog for complete product package options.

    How To Order

  3. System requirements for RealCare® Baby 3 Control Center Sofware:

    Operating systems supported:

    • Windows® XP
    • Windows Vista®
    • Windows® 7
    • Macintosh® OS - 10.4 or later

    Supplied hardware requirements:

    • XStick wireless communication adapter

    Non-supplied hardware requirements:

    • Minimum 128 MB of physical RAM
    • USB port
    • CD-ROM drive
  4. The Babies have become so much more than just a project for these students. They have really become a great discussion piece for choosing to parent or building their resumes for jobs.

    Amanda Klenke, FACS Teacher, Battle High School, Colombia, MO

    These products provide a consistent, safe experience for students before going into a clinical setting.  They have the opportunity to handle these babies in different ways; to know what is safe; and how to bathe and swaddle them; to understand how to approach them.

    Jessie Daniels, NAU Skills Lab Coordinator, National American University

    We've had teachers tell us that students are so interested they sign up for their classes just to get a baby.

    Karen Coresentino, Spokesperson,Travis County Medical Alliance, Austin, TX

    The Babies are a boost to anyone's program. Having a product like this makes teaching much easier. It's the little hook that gets students and parents excited and teaches them so much.

    Kelly Lang, FACS Teacher, Fairport High School, Fairport, NY

    I have seen a very important aspect that RealCare Baby adds to a middle school curriculum. I think it's vital in the decision-making process, to get that hands-on experience.

    Sylvia Tricarico, FACS Curriculum Specialist, Palm Beach County School District, FL

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