teachWELD® Welding Simulator

teachWELD received the 2013 Tech & Learning Awards of Excellence - New Product. The award honors outstanding ed tech curriculum products.

The teachWELD Welding Simulator offers these great features and benefits in a cost-effective package:

  • Hands-on learning of basic welding form and proper technique
  • A safe environment to learn from mistakes
  • teachWELD 123 software containing 51 exercises at three skill levels for specific welds and different metallurgy techniques
  • Assessments and guides to show students their progress
  • 30 hours of supporting curriculum written by an experienced welding instructor
  • A chance to explore an exciting career path at a fraction of typical welding costs
  • Realistic welding practice that allows you to save money on metal and consumables

Each unit includes a welding station, GMAW gun, helmet, gloves, three coupon styles, and welding simulation software. View the video below for even more information!

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  1. - Teacher & Student Guide included, with approximately 30 hours of welding basics curriculum
    - Learning levels: Secondary / Post-secondary
    - Educational outcomes:

    • Software includes practice sessions, viewable replays, and exercises.
    • Each welding technique contains more than 15 welding exercises.
    • Exercises include diagnostic & welding integrity reports.
    • Students get a different weld performance every time they virtually weld.

    - Learning assessment included – printable diagnostic & welding integrity assessment for each welding exercise
    - Welding terminology glossary includes more than 50 welding terms

    Classroom management benefits:

    • Allows instructors to expand a program or start a new one, offering flexibility for the instructor or program.
    • Ability to rotate students between simulator and actual welding booth, giving more options within limited shop space.
    • Allows for hands-on opportunities with focused welding practice for inattentive students, keeping students engaged during each class period.
    • Simulation gives immediate feedback for each weld allowing for individualized learning, minimizing bad habits and welding mistakes.
    • Simulation walks students through each weld experience with diagnostic reports and welding data, freeing up instructors for more one-on-one instruction time.

    Download Common Core and Common Career Technical Core Alignments

  2. teachWELD™ Unit Includes:

    • teachWELD curriculum
    • 1 welding workstation and GMAW gun
    • 3 welding coupons (T-joint, lap joint, butt joint)
    • 1 welding helmet
    • 1 set of welding gloves
    • Internet-based software and instructor server

    *Software system requirements in "Specifications" tab
    **Monitor not included

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  3. System Requirements for the teachWELD software

    Hardware Requirements

    • Processor: 2.0GHz dual core or faster
    • Memory: 4GB or higher recommended (2GB minimum)
    • Hard Drive Space: 200MB
    • Graphic component: OpenGL 3.0 or higher supported with 128MB video memory or more
    • USB2.0 or newer
    • CD/DVD drive required for installation
    • Local install required for activation

    Software Requirements

    • Operating systems: Windows Vista SP2, or Windows 7; Apple products are currently not supported.
    • Recommended web browsers: Firefox, Chrome, or Internet Explorer 7+
    • Java Environment: Oracle JRE 6.0 or higher
    • teachWELD requires unfiltered Internet access as follows:
      • Firewall: accessibility for outbound TCP 80, 443, and 5432 ports, with no proxies and no packet inspection filters
    • District-specific IP address of the teachWELD servers will be provided after purchase
  4. If you’re a high school teacher and only have 3 welders but 10 kids in front of you, you can use this machine to help another kid practice. It’s nice for people who don’t have the actual welders or the space or all of the investment.

    Craig Cegielski, Technical Education Teacher, Eleva-Strum High School, Strum, WI

    The simulator made this year so much more productive. My students jumped right into the welding simulator without fear, where some past students were afraid to go to the welder in the shop. The element of fear was negated with the knowledge they had going into the real welder because of the simulator.

    Dan Leinen, Agriculture Instructor, Harlan Community School District, Harlan, IA

    Realityworks’ teachWELD welding simulator is doing more than providing high school welding instructor George Karr’s eleventh- and twelfth-grade studentswith hands-on welding experience. This unique tool is also saving three schools money while providing them with a unique and memorable way to recruit future welding students.

    George Karr, IT Administrator / Welding Instructor, Hollenstein Career & Technology Center, Fort Worth

    I am really excited about the teachWELD welding simulator; it is so versatile and gives so many different avenues that can be used in welding education. It is going to be a game-changer!

    Greg Shipp, CTE Director, Conroe Independent School District, Conroe, TX

    We were very interested in getting several simulators, and have a couple ideas of how we want to use them. If we had simulators to use, instructors could let those students go more easily than we could for those using actual welding equipment. Since they wouldn’t need as much one-on-one time with the instructor, we’d be able to increase class size without spending a lot of resources on more space, materials and machinery.

    Tom Chambers, Principal, Black River Falls High School, Black River Falls, WI

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