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The RealCareer Business Education Simulations Support Page has FAQs to help you manage your Program.

NOTICE! Each Business Education Simulation is a Cloud-based software requiring a web browser and Internet connection.

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  1. What is Business Education Simulations?
    Business Education Simulations is a suite of interactive games that allow users to use the business skills they are learning to run a virtual business. The game-like interface of Business Education Simulations engages students with 21st Century technology, while testing business acumen that aligns with National Business Education Association standards. The suite includes The Business Game, The Entrepreneurship Game, and The Finance Game.
    Is there any type of assessment or reporting at the end to show students the results of their decisions?
    Yes. Once students have completed three years of trading, the game will end. At this point students can view their final personal information. This information consists of: 1) My Record: Details the product that the player chose, the sales channel they selected and their reasons for both (Available for intermediate and advanced levels of the game). 2) Financial Performance: Overall financial results for the three years of trading. 3) Historical Sales Charts: Unit sales levels over the three-year period of trading. 4) Historical Cash Flow: Cash levels over the three-year period of trading. Students can print all of this information at the end of the game. It is generated in the form of a certificate.
    Can the simulations be stopped and saved if students are only partially through at the end of a class?
    Yes a game can be paused and started again during the next class session. However, the same student must access the game on the same computer in order for this to successfully happen. Students cannot log in on another computer to access their simulation from a prior class. The game results will also not save if multiple students use the same computer.

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