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5 Ways to Address Soft Skill Development in any CTE Classroom
Wednesday, September 27th - 3 p.m. CST

Research continues to tell us that across the country, businesses of all kinds are prioritizing soft skills like problem solving, time management and work ethic over technical-job related skills. Join us for a free, 30-minute webinar as we share 5 ways you can incorporate soft skill development into your classroom, whether you teach Child Development or Ag Mechanics or any other CTE program.

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Low Fidelity, High Impact: New Tools for Teaching Geriatric Sensitivity
Wednesday, October 4th - 12 p.m. CST

Empathy toward the elderly is one of the most difficult things to teach people. Join us for a free, 30-minute webinar to learn how our new suite of hands-on learning aids can help your students develop geriatric sensitivity and compassion toward the elderly.

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Create and Implement an Engaging Welding Program
Wednesday, October 11th - 3 p.m. CST

Looking to start a welding program at your school?  Wondering how to implement new tools into your welding classroom? Attend this 30-minute webinar to learn how to engage today’s students with 21st Century welding training technology.

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Cool Tools for Engaging Today's Healthcare Students
Wednesday, October 18th - 12 p.m. CST

As demand for nursing and geriatric care skills increases, so will the importance of using teaching tools and resources that truly engage new generations of healthcare students. Join us for a free, 30-minute webinar in which we explore innovative classroom resources for teaching healthcare students with short attention spans, excellent technology skills and a desire for authentic, real-world learning experiences.

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guideWELD VR welding simulator – Getting Started FREE 1-hour training
Thursday, October 19th - 3 p.m. CST

Need help getting started with your welding simulator? Have questions on the software and assessment portions? Need some best practices to maximize your program? During this 1-hour training, our Product Support Team will walk you through the simulator’s parts and pieces, curriculum and software to help you have a successful program.

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Take a Dive into the RealCare Baby Curriculum
Tuesday, October 24th - 3 p.m. CST

This 30-minute webinar will take a deep dive into the curriculum that accompanies the RealCare Program. Participants will gain an understanding of the lessons, presentations and student activities on topics including parenting, infant care skills, career exploration, stress management and much more!

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Cool Tools for Engaging Today's Agriculture Students
Wednesday, November 8th - 12 p.m. CST

In this free, 30-minute webinar, Realityworks Product Manager Jamey McIntosh will reveal a new suite of hands-on learning aids and resources designed to capture the attention of today’s agriculture students and help them understand core animal and plant science concepts.

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